Extreme Paint Restoration Will Make Your Old Paint Look Brand New Again!

Paint Correcting Blue Paint With A Rupes Polisher

Are you fed up with your old, faded paint job? Do you wish you could recreate the showroom gleam? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll show you how to perform extreme paint restoration to make your old paint look brand new again.

Examining the State of Your Paint

Before beginning the restoration process, you should evaluate the condition of your paint. It may not be possible to fully restore the paint if it is too damaged. It is best to inform the customer and offer alternative solutions.

Our paint enhancements start at $500 at our detailing shop. However, if we are unable to perform the service to our standards, we do not charge the customer that amount. We believe in providing our customers with honest and transparent service.

Identifying Potential Issues

When inspecting the paint, look for issues like oxidation, sap, wear and tear, dents, scratches, and faded trim. These issues can impact the overall appearance of the paint and may necessitate a different approach to restoration. For example, heavy oxidation on a vehicle’s roof may necessitate cutting the paint to remove the oxidation. However, extreme caution is required to avoid burning through the paint.

Working with Sap

On older vehicles, sap and rust spots are common problems. To remove sap, use Citrol or a strong solvent like Eulex by Koch Chemie. To dissolve the sap, apply the solvent to a towel and gently agitate it. 

Paint Cutting and Polishing

The restoration process can begin once the problem areas have been identified and addressed. Cutting and polishing may be required, depending on the severity of the problems.

Scratched and Swirled Paint

Using a rotary polisher with a purple foam pad removes heavy oxidation. After removing the oxidation, a softer polishing pad and a microfiber cutting compound, such as Meguiars D300, can further enhance the paint.

Meguiar's Correction Compound

It should be noted that cutting and polishing should be done with caution, especially on older vehicles. Overheating the paint can cause the clear coat to separate from the color, resulting in additional damage. Taking measurements of the paint thickness throughout the process can help ensure that the paint does not become compromised.

Paint Corrected Blue Car Hood

Paint Sealing and Protection

To keep the new look, seal and protect the restored paint. For example, Glossome Wax by Phoenix E.O.D. can provide acrylic and Teflon polymer protection. A thinner application ensures faster curing and drying.

Proper lighting, such as a Scangrip LED light, can aid in the identification of any remaining residue or imperfections. Cleaning the wheels, tires, and glass is also necessary to complete the restoration process.

Conclusion and Final Results

The results of extreme paint restoration can be truly incredible. Even on older vehicles with a lot of wear and tear, the paint can be revived and made to look like new. In the case of the Malibu in the video, the top surfaces required extensive cutting and polishing, but the end result was stunning.

Finally, extreme paint restoration can significantly improve the appearance of your vehicle. You can restore that showroom shine and make your old paint look new again by assessing the condition of the paint, identifying problem areas, and using the proper techniques and products.

So don’t worry if you’re tired of looking at your old, faded paint. With extreme paint restoration, you can restore that new car shine and fall in love with your vehicle all over again.

Foam Cannon.
Pressure Washer Gun.
Pressure Washer Gun Tip.
BLO Handheld Drier.
Wash Mitts.
Clay Bar
Meguiar’s D300 Compound.
Glossome Wax.
Scangrip Light.
Small Handheld Polisher.
Papa Cut.
Fabulous Polish.
Exterior APC.
IK Pro12 Foamer.
Wheel Barrel Brush.
Wheel Face Brush.
Wheel Mitt.
Lug Brush.
Tire Dressing.
Rotary Polisher.
15mm DA Polisher.

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