Remove Those Ugly Stains From Your Cloth Seats!

How to Clean Stains on Your Car Seats

In today’s tutorial, we’ll go through how to clean cloth seats successfully with the Vonixx Sintra cleaner. Cloth seats are susceptible to stains, and one large stain that we will be addressing is a Coke stain on a Volkswagen Passat. We’ll also go over the cleaner’s dilution ratio and how to use it correctly. So, let’s get started and make those seats appear brand new again!

The Obstacle: A Resistant Stain

The stain on the Volkswagen Passat in question is just where the fabric joins the Alcantara portion of the seat. It’s a weakness in the design, in my opinion, because all leather seats would have been preferable. We are, however, here to solve the situation. The stain has proven to be rather resistant since the owner has taken the automobile to a few different facilities for detailing in the Richmond, Virginia, area but had no success. We are committed to removing the stain and returning the seat to its previous splendor.

Making Use of the Vonixx Sintra Cleaner

Dilution For Interior Cleaning

This cleaner not only cleans the interior of automobiles, but it also has antibacterial qualities, making it ideal for disinfecting the entire interior. However, in this case, we shall concentrate solely on the stain.


Let’s start with a discussion of dilution ratios. A 1:5 dilution ratio is advised for the Vonixx Sintra cleaner. A simple formula or an app can be used to calculate the amount of cleaner and water required. We’ll be using a 12-ounce bottle in this example, so we’ll need 2 ounces of cleanser and 10 ounces of water.

Drill Brushing Stains on a Car Seat

We may begin removing the stain once the cleaner has been formulated. It is critical to soak and agitate the stained area as much as possible. Because the stain is so strong, we may need to apply extra cleanser and keep agitating. Surface cleaning may suffice in some circumstances, but in this case, we must go a step further.

Extracting Stains From A Car Seat

We may remove the cleaner as well as any debris or residue from the seat using an extractor. It is critical to have an abundance of microfiber towels available to absorb moisture and speed up the drying process. Using high-speed fans can also help the seat dry rapidly.

The End Result: A Spotless Seat

We can see a huge improvement after carefully cleaning the seat with the Vonixx Sintra cleaner. The stain has been cleaned, and the seat now looks much better. It’s worth noting that we only utilized the Sintra cleaner for this work and didn’t need any other items. The cleaner’s one-to-five dilution ratio worked well in removing the tenacious discoloration.

To improve the cleaning process and prevent the stain from reappearing, we can use a P&S product called The Finisher. To neutralize the cleaner and prevent wicking, use this peroxide treatment as a fabric rinse. Simply spray The Finisher onto the affected area and rub it in with a clean towel. This will aid in rinsing the cleaner, neutralizing any residual residue, and preventing the stain from reappearing.

Wicking can develop due to various circumstances, including insufficient extraction or the use of highly alkaline cleaners that oxidize and turn dark as they dry. Browning research in carpet cleaning can provide important insights into treating wicking in automobile materials.

Finally, the Vonixx Sintra cleaner proved to be a strong and efficient alternative for cleaning textile seats. It successfully removed a tough Coke stain from a Volkswagen Passat seat using a one-to-five dilution ratio. Because of its antibacterial qualities, the cleaner is perfect for disinfecting the entire inside of a car. If you’re a detailer or simply want to test this cleaner for yourself, Car Supplies Warehouse has it. Remember to use the coupon “Miranda10” to receive 10% off your purchase. Have fun cleaning!

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