Ceramic Coatings & New Car Prep

Starting at $900

  •  Paint, glass, emblems, plastics/rubbers are properly cleaned, decontaminated (Chemical and Clay-Bar treatment to remove embedded grit, iron particles, etc), and hand/blown dry.
  • Tires, wheels, and wheel arches deep cleaned, tires are dressed to a satin finish with a water-based dressing.
  • Exterior glass is cleaned
  • Paint receives a prep polish to reduce/remove minor swirls, hazing, and paint defects.
  • Paint is meticulously coated with 1 Layer of Ceramic Coating. Additional Layers are optional for an additional charge.
  • All textured plastic trim is Coated
  • All painted clear coated wheel faces and Coated
  • Windshield is polished and Ceramic Coated
  • After 24 hour cure time a Silica Sealant is applied as an additional layer of protection and to allow the coating to cure for 2 weeks. (Within this time do not wash the vehicle)
  • If your paint needs additional attention please see our Paint Correction Service   
  • Add on- Wheel removal and Ceramic Coating of both wheel faces and barrels (+$300)

Interior Protection Options: (+$100-$200)

  • All carpets, mats, and upholstery are cleaned and treated with a Fabric Coating to resist stains and liquids.
  • Leather is gently cleansed and protected with a Leather Coating ¬†
  • Plastic and Vinyl is gently cleansed and protected with a Plastic Coating

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