Tips on How To Use An All-In-One Polish The Vonixx Blend

Vonixx Blend All In One Polish

This article will discuss using an all-in-one polish to achieve excellent results on your detailing projects. Specifically, we will focus on the Vonixx Blend polish and the steps to use it effectively.

Introduction to All-In-One Polishes

All-in-one polishes are a popular choice among detailers because they combine the functions of a polish and a protectant into a single product. This means you can achieve correction and protection in one step, saving time and effort. All-in-one polishes are especially useful for paint enhancements, where customers are looking for a reduction in swirls and scratches without needing a full correction.

Choosing the Right All-In-One

When choosing an all-in-one, many options are available in the market. In the video, we used the Vonixx Blend polish, a ceramic-infused all-in-one polish. The Vonixx Blend is known for its incredible results and is specifically designed for darker-colored vehicles. However, other options, such as Meguiar’s 210 Ultra Pro Finishing Polish, are available. Ultimately, the choice of polish will depend on your budget and specific needs.

Using the Vonixx Blend

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the Vonixx Blend, we applied it to a dark-colored vehicle with swirls and water spots. The goal is to reduce the swirls by at least half and achieve a glossy finish. To do this, we are also using two new polishers from Shine Mate to see how they do.

Polishing With Vonixx Blend

Using the Vonixx Blend correctly is vital to achieving optimal results. Use slow, overlapping passes with a small amount of pressure. By using this technique, you will be able to remove the major swirls and hazing on the paint, leaving behind a significantly improved appearance.

Piano Black Trim Polished and Swirled Free

Addressing Concerns about All-In-One Polishes

Some people are concerned that all-in-one polishes fill in the defects and that the swirls reappear after washing the vehicle. To address this concern, let’s test it using Epic Ceramic Final Prep Wipe, a strong panel wipe to remove any fillers. While there may be some minor swirling, the overall appearance remains the same. As mentioned before, The key to adequately removing swirls and defects with an all-in-one polish is to use the product correctly, with slow, overlapping passes and a bit of pressure. See the video here for the results.

Applying the Vonixx Blend Ceramic Spray Sealant

After polishing the vehicle, we applied the Vonixx Blend Ceramic Spray Sealant for added protection. This spray sealant is a blend of ceramic, carnauba, and other polymers that provide a slick and glossy surface.

How to Use Vonixx Blend Spray Sealant

Spray the sealant onto a towel and apply it to the paint and chrome, excluding the glass. This step adds extra protection and helps to eliminate any smears or imperfections that may be present.

Polishing Hard-to-Reach Areas

Another thing people have concerns about is how to polish hard-to-reach areas, such as the chrome grille. We use a small, flat, flexible tool with a towel attached to it to get into the tight spaces and polish the area effectively. While it may take some time, doing this ensures the chrome grille looks polished and is free from water spots.

An all-in-one like the Vonixx Blend can help you achieve great results in your detailing projects. Following the recommended techniques and using slow, overlapping passes, you can effectively remove swirls and hazing from the paint. We covered the steps of effectively using the polish and addressed concerns about fillers and reappearing defects. Additionally, applying a ceramic spray sealant adds extra protection and enhances the vehicle’s overall appearance. Remember to pay attention to hard-to-reach areas, using tools that make the process easier and more efficient. Following these steps and techniques can help you achieve professional-level results in your detailing projects.

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